Introducing The

Sentry Power Systems

Sentry™ Power Systems are thermodynamic silent power supplies that never need to be charged or plugged in.

Using & ambient temperature & conductive heat exchange from the environment to generate clean electricity on demand, Sentry™ is a game changer in power generation systems.

Go anywhere and do anything with Sentry™ Power Systems.

Key Features
  • High efficiency.
  • Quiet operation
  • Ease with which it can be used in almost any environment.
  • Emissions free
  • Never needs to be charged or plugged in
  • Scalable thermodynamic energy generation
  • Energy on demand

Clean Energy Forever

  1. Never Needs To Be Plugged In

  2. Produces Renewable Energy

  3. Easily Deployed & Installed

UAT Sentry™ delivers clean, quiet & emission free power on demand.  Designed to be light weight and highly durable, Sentry™ Power Systems  can be deployed easily and readily as needed.

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