faviconUmbra Applied Technologies is pioneering new research, in partnership with others, in the areas of Solar Energy and Hydrogen Energy platforms to not only reduce but, eventually eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels. Umbra Applied Technologies is finding innovative ways to develop alternative energy sources and help customers identify and implement energy conservation and management solutions. The need for high-level capabilities in complex systems integration, project management, information technology, and advanced manufacturing techniques, along with the national security component of the effort, make energy solutions a natural fit for Umbra Applied Technologies.

faviconToday, one by one and in ever increasing numbers, governments around the world are embracing clean energy as fundamental to their strategies of national energy security and global environmental responsibility. In so doing, they are responding to an initiative that is gaining ever greater cogency on every continent.

faviconAfter assessing the human and environmental realities around them, national leaders are recognizing that clean energy today represents nothing less than an indispensable asset if our world is to meet what must be recognized as the greatest challenge in human history.

faviconBetween now and 2050, as world population swells from 6.6 billion toward 9 billion, humankind will consume more energy than the combined total used in all previous history. Under prevailing patterns of energy use, the results will prove calamitous. The resulting pollution will damage or ruin the health of tens and likely hundreds of millions of citizens, mainly in the developing world. Far worse, the intensifying concentration of greenhouse gases will take past a point of no return as we hurdle toward climate catastrophe.

faviconToday the world economy is producing greenhouse emissions at the rate of 29 billion tons per year – some 900 tons per second – a rate still rising despite rhetoric and negotiation. An overwhelming majority of climate scientists, and an increasing cohort of world political leaders, agree that we must, by mid-century, cut global greenhouse emissions by a full 60% – even as world energy consumption triples. In the sheer scope and urgency of this challenge, we face nothing less than a global emergency.

favicon2010 was the largest year on record for investment in clean energy, led by China, Europe and the US, and that globally, investment opportunity in the sector continues to improve. Umbra Applied Technologies is committed to clean energy.