Clean Energy For Our Future

UAT Green Tech is a division of Umbra Applied Technologies.  Our focus is on creating innovative & intuitive clean & renewable energy technologies.  Every part of our clean energy initiative is represented in the solutions we create.

As a manufacturer of advanced technologies across multiple sectors, Umbra Applied Technologies and UAT Green Tech has the wherewithal to bring some truly innovative green energy technologies to market.  Created in 2012 UAT Green Tech is firm in its “clean energy initiative” and is working to make clean, renewable energy available for all Americans.

Helix Wind Turbine

1 Helix™ Wind Turbine can power 4 to 6 American homes for a year.

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Sentry™ Power Systems

This power system is the true definition of clean and renewable.

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UAT Power Cell

The next generation in power cell technology is here.

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UAT Energy Farm

A complete self sustaining green energy farm in Kansas.

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The UAT Group family of companies are on a mission to deliver some of the most innovative technological solutions across multiple sectors of business and technology.

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